How to...


Tubing Color

You can change the color of piping line by clicking " Tubing Color" on the right.

Tubing color panel different color of lines



Click one connection (from) and an other connection (to) to connect two point on the workplace. If you want remove the line, just click once some end of the line.

Line - FROM Click 1
Drag the line Move your cursor
to the point
Line - TO Click 2


Pneumatic symbol of elements

If you move your cursor on some elements, the symbole window show you the element symbol.

Symbol of elemenet


Push button by Mouse/Keyboard

How to press two or more push button together?
Change the actuating of the Push button Mouse/Keyboard...

Push button by Mouse

Push button by Keyboard


Main switch to "run" the system

Main switch

Press mouse button on main switch to open/close the way of compressed air...

In Logiclab for better understanding, you can piping the system with opened main switch, but newer do that in real!


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